Saturday, January 14, 2012

72 hours

This week I must have had my crazy hat on or something because I decided to try to go carb-free for 48 hours. What was I thinking??! Let me tell ya, I AM A CARB LOVING FREAK! Rice, pasta, bread, chips. I love them all and eat 'em up everyday. 

Moral of this story, I survived! After I hit the 48 hr. mark, I figured, what the hay. Let's get super cray and go for 72hrs! So yes, I made it 72 hrs. I honestly wasn't sure if I could really do it. And, I did find myself standing in the kitchen scratching my head and wondering what I was going to eat. I have to give big props to my hubs for helping me out and supporting my efforts.

Curried chicken, green beans, sweet potato mash w/ cinnamon, agave nectar & almonds

Hawaiian Quinoa (our version of hawaiian fried rice): peas, onion, egg, spam, pineapple


-I really did feel less bloated without the carbs and tons of sugar.

-My sugar cravings decreased. I never craved soda or juices.

-I kind of hate to admit this, but it made me stop and think about my food choices. It made me think of other options rather than revving up the rice cooker or boiling a pot of pasta. Sure, those options are tasty and easy, but they all leave a puffier version of moi. I'm still going to eat them, but now I realize I can make better choices when I do. Now I'll eat them less frequently and when I do, I'll try to eat them at lunch rather than dinner. Eating them at lunch is a much wiser choice because it will give me more hours in the day to burn them off.

-I blossomed a new friendship with quinoa. Quinoa is yummy yummy seed folks and I can honestly say that substituting it for rice does curb my carb craving. Read more about it here. You can even make it in the rice cooker! 
portion tip: making 2 cups is enough to feed us both for dinner and each have lunch the next day.

Thanks for letting me share my 72 hr. food journey with you. xo, Megan

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