Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An "OH NO" Moment

So this past weekend we had a "family engagement" party. We thought it'd be nice to have our loved ones meet and actually get to hangout prior to the major wedding festivities. The food was never ending, the weather was great and the sun was shining, drinks were flowing, and everyone was smiling. We had a wonderful party!

The big funny moment of the day was when we were opening gifts. In a sea of crystal, cake stands, and crate and barrel boxes, there was a photo album. My fiance suddenly opens up the photo album and screams, "Ohhh my gosh!!" while dropping the photo album to the floor. I then grabbed the album to find that it was filled with photos from the day I found my wedding dress!!!!

All is well though. We all laughed it off. And, thank goodness the one photo he did see was a close-up shot of mostly just my face.

Have you had an OH NO!! wedding moment???

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