Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Common Thread

Exciting things are brewing as MeganLim.Jewelry was recently featured on BIG thanks to Stephanie from A Common Thread!

See below...

knots of love

so, first things first, i finally created a facebook page to keep track of updates, goings-on, fun links, etc. you should join!

and second....a night or so ago, as i was perusing etsy, i joined a virtual labs session waaay too late, but ended up in a nice conversation with a few other etsy sellers. one of them had the lovliest jewelry. i've been really into knots recently and absolutely loved this love knot ring by meganlimjewelry. it's so intricate and i love how each one is always a little different.

megan also has a nice selection of hair accessories and other statement rings as well. and, megan herself is such a sweet person!

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